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We are aggressive trial lawyers who win hard cases in front of juries.  We are skilled advocates who have successfully argued in every level of state and federal court, including the United States Supreme Court.  And we are respected criminal defense attorneys with decades of experience and results:

Track Record

Dismissed - 2022

Manslaughter charge dismissed against construction manager related to site death of worker; Court grants motion to dismiss based on lack of proximate cause and presence of intervening causes

Death sentence reversed – 1996

Federal District Court granted habeas corpus petition; Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld reversal, where mitigating evidence was improperly excluded in penalty phase of aggravated murder trial

Dismissed – 2016

Second-degree assault domestic violence charge dismissed after attorney traveled to Illinois to conduct significant background investigation that supported client’s claim of self-defense

Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity – 1998

Emergency room physician charged with first-degree murder for killing his wife; jury found client was not criminally liable due to mental defect; client committed to a mental hospital and later released to the community

Not Guilty – 2015

High school student found not guilty of two counts of first-degree robbery with a firearm

Not Guilty – 2017

Attorney accused of raping his paralegal; not guilty of attempted second-degree rape, not guilty of unlawful imprisonment; State dismissed remaining indecent liberties charge after jury deadlocked 8-4 in favor of not guilty 

United States Supreme Court –1995

Justices unanimously hold that in a perjury case, “materiality” is an element to be decided by the jury; conviction reversed with a 9-0 vote

Not Guilty – 2018

Financial advisor charged with raping his teenage babysitter; client found not guilty on all charges of second-degree rape, third degree rape of a child, and intimidating a witness

Dismissed – 2015

International sports star accused of domestic violence assault; trial court granted motion to dismiss due to governmental misconduct where witnesses repeatedly failed to appear for interviews and withheld material information from the defense

No Charges Filed – 2021

Physician investigated for felony assault of step-child; prosecutor declines to file charges following submission of defense investigation information undermining complainant’s credibility

Conviction Reversed, Not Guilty on Retrial – 2014

Second degree rape of a child conviction reversed because client’s prior attorney was ineffective; jury found client not guilty on retrial following presentation of new evidence

“I wanted to just take a moment of your time

to say how impressed I and other jurors were of your handling of this recent case. Some of us voiced concern as to even why the State took this to trial…We were all adamant of [your client’s] innocence.  Thank you again for your professional demeanor during the trial – I sometimes felt sorry for the prosecutor!” 

- Letter from juror who sat on second-degree rape of a child case, resulting in unanimous not guilty verdict, 2014

“Over the past several years,

the Seattle defense lawyer has become the go-to guy for cops accused of crimes…The reason might seem obvious: Allen wins.”  

- Seattle Times, November 1, 2009, “Officers in hot water know a good lawyer” 

“You truly fought on my behalf,

and proved repeatedly that you deeply cared.  Your recall of the smallest details proved remarkable time and again, right up to the last minute…I knew you were truly and carefully watching out for my wellbeing, and you proved time and again you were not handling my case simply as a job, rather as my advocate.”

Letter from client, 2018

“One of the finest criminal defense attorneys in Seattle.”

"The Father was represented by one of the finest criminal defense attorneys in Seattle and he managed to bargain the case down from a felony to a misdemeanor.”


King County Superior Court Judge, in a civil family law order, referencing the exceptional outcome obtained in the criminal domestic violence case. March 2020


“He wins cases he has no business winning.”


Anonymous judge to Washington Law and Politics, 1991


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